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Archive | Income Tax

Taxation of Foreign Income in a Corporate Account

Dan Bortolotti’s recent blog post raised a number of questions from his readers concerning the impact of foreign withholding taxes within a corporate account.  This is a hot topic, as many successful professionals are choosing to save within their corporation.  Couch Potato investors often allocate 40% or more to foreign stocks, so it’s important for […]

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New Tax Loss Selling ETF Pairs for 2016

It’s been almost three years since Dan Bortolotti and I released our popular Tax Loss Selling white paper. Throughout the paper, we showed investors how to implement a disciplined tax loss selling strategy, using Canadian-listed ETFs.  Near the end of the paper, we even provided suggested ‘tax loss selling pairs’ (which consist of a primary […]

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Perfecting the Perfect Portfolio (Part II)

In my last blog post, I showed Couch Potato investors how they could reduce the foreign withholding tax drag in their RRSP accounts by holding US-listed ETFs.  I’ll admit that the proposed ETF changes required investors to roll up their sleeves a bit, but the cost savings could not be ignored.  But what if an […]

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Perfecting the Perfect Portfolio

The Couch Potato portfolio has it all – low fees, broad-diversification, and simplicity. There’s not a whole lot of room for improvement, but with a few tweaks, investors can lower their costs even further. One such improvement can help mitigate the drag from foreign withholding taxes levied on dividends paid from US and other international […]

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Ask Bender: How do I report my US-listed Vanguard ETFs on Form T1135?

With the 2014 tax deadline looming, this is becoming a very common question from DIY investors.  Although there are still a number of uncertainties with regards to filling out the form, an investor with a relatively straight-forward situation should be able to muddle along for now. Step 1:  Determine if Form T1135 applies to your […]

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