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Archive | Tax Loss Selling

New Tax Loss Selling ETF Pairs for 2016

It’s been almost three years since Dan Bortolotti and I released our popular Tax Loss Selling white paper. Throughout the paper, we showed investors how to implement a disciplined tax loss selling strategy, using Canadian-listed ETFs.  Near the end of the paper, we even provided suggested ‘tax loss selling pairs’ (which consist of a primary […]

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Tax Loss Selling Results

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  That’s how our team in Toronto has been reacting to the recent market volatility.  In the context of this common phrase, the lemons are the stock market losses and the lemonade is the deferred capital gains taxes.  Shortly after announcing our company’s new tax loss selling software, we […]

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The PWL Tax Loss Selling Report

It’s finally here! While many Canadians were gearing up for the much anticipated iPhone 6 launch, I was patiently awaiting an upcoming portfolio management software release: the PWL Tax Loss Selling Report. PWL advisors can now generate a report that shows all non-registered client accounts that have unrealized capital losses. Any capital losses realized must […]

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